Coming Soon!


Some exciting news here at Bi Like Me. I'm hoping that all my readers will be as excited about this as I am.

Starting tomorrow, I will be featuring Frat Star Friday's! staring a writer from a now defunct blog. His writing never got the exposure that it deserved but I always checked in on it for the latest interesting post. After I saw that he had called it quits, I offered him the opportunity to write for me, on a weekly basis. What does this do for me? Well, a few things.

It keeps this blog fresh. There will be a new, and different perspective here for you to read. This is a "kid" if you judge him against my advanced age (doesn't mean I don't wanna fuck him - and no I haven't) and hearing his perspective on his life and views on things I think will be very interesting. His writing is incredible..he's smart..and quite wise for his years. You'll also notice that we don't see eye to eye on everything - I think that's a good thing.

It also allows me a breather once a week..allows me to let him do the talking. This way, I can continue to be here providing the stories and insights you've all become accustomed to seeing every fuckin' day! Yes, I've set quite the high standards for myself..but, having Frat Star here..writing on Fridays will allow me a little of bit rest and relaxation without compromising those standards

I think you'll enjoy reading Frat Star's blog entries as much as I have in the past. And hell, if you don't - give him shit..lord knows I've taken enough from you assholes over the years!


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