Frat Star Fridays! Too Wasted to Post


OK..I've got an exclusive here!
We all know that Frat Star graduated last week. To top things was also his birthday! Jesus! Talk about an alignment of the planets. Those two coinciding events must have put FS off the deep end....and as a confidant, I was allowed to follow FS around for his days of here are the exclusive pics!

Ah..the graduating class..makes Mom and Dad so proud! I remember when they were such innocent little boys.

And now the party begins! Some drinks with the bros...(notice how great FS is at sucking that big, thick tube!)

Some bros are really hot..but, Frat Star wouldn't do anything inappropriate..

The Dance music was on...and so were the moves FS -showing off for the girls (and boys)...(FS trophies for "straightest gay bro"are proudly displayed)

No party's complete without some beer pong! Go FS go (notice the extra long tube sock)!

Some of the other Frat guys showing that we can fill a cup...and it ain't no Dixie cup!

Yes, FS had a teeny bit too much to drink that night. But his Frat Bros are always there to help a guy out (and take an embarrassing picture)!

Oops..a little to much to drink.

FS may be down, but not out. FS is back at it again!

And no night of partying and drinking can end without a quick stop at the golden arches. Can you say MUNCHEES?

In all seriousness....I want to wish Frat Star and all my readers a happy graduation. Be safe, have fun..and get a job! We need help with this economy!

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