An Oldie


There are guys that I've met and never had sex with, guys I've chatted with online and never met, and those other guys that I've actually met, and had sex, but never returned for round two. What made me decide not to return for more sex, when they were very willing?

Well, it would depend.  Some guys I just didn't get the feeling that we were a good match, or after meeting them, I got scared off by something they did, or said (sometime involving drug use).  Sometimes it's just a matter of being turned off by something.

I met this guy a long time ago, but I always see him online. We met years ago, and I remember his pics back then looked great. When we met, he had longer hair (much longer) and very sculpted eyebrows. Although he was nice, and we did have sex, I never returned because I was turned off by his feminine looking hair and eyebrows. Silly? Nah, I don't think's all a matter of attraction.

Well, when I first logged onto Grindr, I saw the same guy. I knew it was the same guy, but he was totally buff. I asked and he was now a trainer at a nearby sports club. Yes, he cut his hair (I didn't ask about the eyebrows).  We chatted and he does remember me. He mentioned that he'd love to "ride me again".

While I'm hopeful of arranging something with him soon I also am reluctant to meet this guy oldie..but not necessarily a goodie.

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