Clean Up Aisle 4!


I was horny. It had been I think weeks since I was last with someone. Seems like the old standbys weren't around and the usual CL ads were just bullshit. When you're looking for it and nothing happens, it gets frustrating.

I see a CL ad for a blow job - just that. Email, meet, blow, go. At this point..beggars can't be choosers. I don't see many ads saying "Let's meet, talk, have a drink. Get to know each other, develop some kind of..." yea, you get where I'm going. I'm headed for a blowie.

He emails me at the supermarket parking lot, in the back it's real quiet. So, I head there, and I find his car, jump in and say hi. He's Asian, decent looking and...well..good enough for a blow job, I'll only be looking at the back of his head anyway.

He rubs my crotch, and I unbutton my jeans. I take out my cock and he plays with me, as I slowly get hard. This parking lot is not as quiet as I would have wished. I see shopping carts placed around us. Cars driving by, people packing their groceries..and a head in my lap.

He's pretty deft at his blow jobs and apparently, brings Bounty paper towels (the quicker picker-upper) just in case. When I'm ready to cum, I tell him, out of politeness, but I hope he's going to swallow my load to avoid a mess. I'm wrong, he grabs a paper towel as I blow in his hand, the towel, my shirt. Shit.

Anyway, I zipper up, and get ready to leave.
This visit to Stop & Shop will just have to do.

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