The Exploits of the Young


Last week I wrote about my early experiences in life. How I basically played "you show me yours - I'll show you mine" with a neighbor when I was as young as 6. Don't know how this formulated my sexuality today..but, there were also other incidences that came to mind recently..and they weren't all gay - boy-on-boy incidents.

I remember being in a different friends house..again I must have been about 6. We were doing whatever, playing in his room..normal kids play. Then we walked out into the hallway..and we both came face to face with his mom..a tall, brown haired, lean, in-shape lady. She was walking out of the bathroom..freshly showered and totally bare assed naked!

As we stood there gawking at her dripping wet body she basically let out a shocked scream (think Kevin in Home Alone) turned and ran into the bathroom.

"Did you see that?" my friend asked. "Did you see her snatch?"

I don't remember my response..I think I probably stood there open-mouthed..flies milling about. It was the first time I saw live a naked lady in front of me.


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