Saving All My Love


There are times when you have to save all the bullets you have for that special occasion. When I was having sex regularly, with Ross, often, I'd be worried that if I blew a load with him on a Friday, and went home, and if my wife was expecting sex, that I'd have a problem. No, I've never really had an erection problem, but, obviously, the desire to have sex fades quite a bit once you've blown it once that day already.

It seems like lately, I have a few guys that I've been chatting with and we're real close to meeting up, and, most  probably, having sex. One is the guy I've reconnected with after a long time. He's off on Wednesdays and it looks like that is the day.

Then I spoke about another guy who lives real close to me. He's the guy that said "Wow" when I showed him my pic. He's very nice, very cute and I'd really like to get with him and see if things work out. He also says he's off Wednesday! Jeez..when it rains it pours!

Then, there are the assorted other guys who chat me on Grindr who are nearby..want to meet..etc. So, now I'm turning these guys down, not knowing if I'm going to get my candle waxed soon by one of the guys I really want to get with.

I'm hoping something happens soon. Otherwise, I'll probably end up with nobody and nothing, except me and my hand.


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