A Hole in My Head


There will always be bloggers that decide not to blog anymore..who have garnered our attention, some for a long time..but, because of work, or relationships, or a busy life in general, decide to call it quits.  Others stop blogging because the get deleted by Google, or they've been "discovered" by someone that they do not want to have read their blog.

As these blogs disappear or stop updating their blogs, I've removed them from my "blog roll" that listing of blogs on the bottom of my blog. That listing is a verbal agreement between two bloggers that they will continue to list each other on their blogs as a form of mutual advertisement. Listing on blog rolls is a way to gain new readers and spreads your word to those who may not otherwise discover it. I've made it a loosely enforced rule that those blogs that have gone un-updated for more than two months will be removed from my blog.

A part of this "mutual agreement" I expect that those bloggers that have added me, will continue to have me listed unless I have insulted them, or my views no longer are something they can promote. While I suppose this could be true in some cases, nobody has ever told me that they can no longer promote my blog because of something I've said.  But, in my regular maintenance of my blog, and daily reading of other blogs listed in my blog roll, I've notice that some have removed my blog from their lists. Now, I wouldn't be insulted if their list was a handful of a select few blogs, that I obviously don't have any commonalities with, but often, these blogs have numerous other blogs listed.

A few blogs, I felt the need to inform them that I should be added back, or that I've removed them and I hope it wasn't due to something I wrote.  Others weren't worth the time to write an email. That's why I've decided that I can no longer add a blog unless I feel it's "worthy" for lack of a better word of being on my blog and read by my readers. No, I'm not some great thing on the net, but the maintenance of my site is hard enough without the upkeep on the blog because someone has removed me, or has stopped blogging for months on end.

I get lots of  requests for blog exchanges..more often from spammers. There's one that I automatically delete when I get their request (and I get them about 4 times a week) and that comes from some "Khmer" dude. His blogs have no followers, all ads and lots of pop-ups - clearly not "worthy" of my reading or yours.

I am always looking for great "reading" blogs like mine. Those with names like "cum-fucking-whores" are a dime a dozen.

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