Taster's Choice


Is it gross to have cum in our mouth? Someone else's? How about your own?

Well, I've had others cum in my mouth..it's should be no great surprise that the person who came in my mouth was Ross. I've also swallowed his cum and I never found it gross or unappealing. As a matter of fact, at times when I was so horny to see him and wanting to be with him, I've yearned for it. Yes..yearned for him to cum in my mouth..Eeech! lol

Most times when I'm jerking off, I'm pretty horny too.  I don't usually jerk off, unless I just can't take it anymore..and this weekend was no different.  Since earlier in the week, when I met with Jones, I hadn't blown a load, and Jones had said we would meet maybe Friday, but that didn't happen. I was anticipating meeting him and when we didn't I was..well, let's say pent up.

So, even though I tried to avoid jerking off, I ended up ready for bed, and really horny. I knew I wasn't going to get much sleep, and my hands were a-roaming. I was hard almost instantly.  As I watched some pics on some porn sites, I started stroking my cock, then, trying to prolong the pleasure, I stopped and let my hard-on subside a little only to start the fun again.

I was really, really horny and often when I'm in this state I think to myself, "I'm going to take some of my own cum in my mouth when I blow" but that thought often goes by the ways-side when I cum.  It's kinda funny..I'm so into it, until that time that I blow, then I'm like "what the fuck was I thinking! I'm not sticking that shit in my mouth!"

Sometimes, when I'm on a web cam with someone or people and I cum, they say "Eat it!" and I tell them, no way!  That's food for others, not me!

Anyway, eventually, I stop edging myself and I'm gonna cum, and I'm gonna cum hard.  I'm still horny, still thinking I'm gonna eat this spew of goo...and then I blow a load - and while I'm still cumming, I scoop up the first jizz stream on my stomach and stick it in my mouth.

Hmm..really warm...really..thick..and honestly, not at all unappealing. Surprisingly, it really doesn't have much of a taste at all. When blowing someone else, I don't really taste it since a cock is in my mouth and usually it goes right down.  But this time, I was able to taste what cum really tastes like.

Hey, it may not be Merlot, it's not caviar...but, damn..I taste good!

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