Don't Hate Me Because I'm Bi (V)


I've really had it with the haters, and because of those guys..who email me incessantly, I've decided to close my blog down. I'm done with you fuckers! I'm going by way of Scotty..and leaving the blog world.

Only kidding, it is April fools day after all...(but fuck you nasty asshole commenters anyway!)

But, I know a lot of gay guys scoff at others who say they're bisexual. Whether I am bi or not, I'm shocked by insensitivity of gay people, who for years had to justify and explain their "inhumane" and "incomprehensible" love of people of the same sex. It's the same fight for equality and recognition that the blacks had (and have), the Jews had (and have), the Women had (and have)....

Nobody has ever said it better than Blaine on Glee....

See you all on Monday!

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