I walked into my meeting about 15 minutes early. I sat in the conference room waiting for the others to arrive. Soon the room was packed and then in walks in another party. This one looked familiar. As I went around the table shaking hands, I came to Mr. Familiar. We shake hands..

"Nice to meet you" I said.
" too. Think we met once at _____ office a while ago." says Mr. F.

I shake my head knowingly, but of course, I don't recognize the person's office he mentioned (my mind is a sieve) nor do I remember Mr. F's name.

"What's your name again?" I ask.
"Mr. Familiar" he says.
"Oh yes" I say, basically making him feel comfortable that I remember him, the office, the circumstances..that yes, we're old friends..I know you, you know me..while all the while I'm really thinking..WHO THE FUCK IS THIS GUY!

We continue the meeting..and I'm watching Mr. F. Yes, he does look hmm..he's a bit effeminate..his eyebrows are finely manicured.

The light bulb goes on! I met this guy..yes, at a Pizza place.We met a few years ago. We chatted. Think we met on ...this was pre-Grindr..maybe it was from a CL post I had published. Turns out he was in the same's all coming back.

I remember although he was interested in more, I used the "can't mix business with pleasure" line. I ended up meeting his boss. His boss was interested in me helping him expand his business. Wanted some of my contacts.  I wasn't comfortable with the boss, with Mr. F, the business...the whole kit and kabuddle. I left his offices and tossed the card away.

I wasn't doing business with Mr. F..and Mr. F wasn't doing business with me.  Until we met in this meeting. And that's where it ended. Just weird seeing someone who you know and have met under different circumstances..

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