Tittie Tuesday: Bad Boys - Whatcha Gonna Do?


Ok, so you all know I'm really wanting to get a personal trainer again, but I have these criteria. Basically, he just needs to be hot. He doesn't have to be the hottest guy in the gym - I've had that. He just needs to be cute, and look young, and have a great smile. That's not too much to ask, right? Oh, btw, my online romance boy? He also has a Harley. Is that fucking hot or what? He sent me a pic of him on it, and I almost creamed my jeans. He had been working on it, and his jeans were dirty, and I could see dirt and sweat on his arms and chest. Some could look at that photo and see a guy on a motorcycle - I look at it, and see a hot dude that should be in porn!

So, anyway. I have seen a couple of bad boys at the gym, driving up on sexy bikes. Hmmm. I just haven't figured out a way to talk to them. But there is one really hot guy that I have my eye on. I have seen him a couple of times, and I've even spoken to him. Well, we haven't really had any conversations, just a couple of "hi"s, and "hey, how are you"s. I'm trying to get my nerve up, ok?

Let me tell you what he looks like. He's about 6'2", 200 lbs, light brown hair, and green eyes. His hair is in a buzz cut. His arms and shoulders are fire. He's muscular, but not too huge, you know? He wears basketball shorts that are long, so I can't really see his legs, but for his leg below his knee, and above his sock. But he does tease me with his tank t-shirt, which has the neck ripped out, and has open cut sides. I've been on a stationery bike, and he's been about 10 feet away, on a sit up machine, and as he'd come up, he'd look at me. He finally flashed me a cute smile as he got off the machine. I would have felt too self-conscious hopping off the bike, and trailing after him, so I didn't. But the great thing about this sit up machine, is that he lifts his legs up over his head. That means I get the awesome view of his ass every time! Sweet...........
"Hey, how are you?", he said to me the next time I saw him. "I'm great! Thanks!", I said as he walked by.

Ok, I'm thinking that the next time I see him, I will be able to strike up a conversation. The problem is that every time I see him, it is at a different time of day. He doesn't work out at the same time. Not that this is a big issue, but I just never know when I'm going to see him. So, that means that I have to be in cute gymwear every time I go. Not that I don't always look hot anyway, but I have to step up my game. I'm kinda hoping that he's a bad boy! And since he works out by himself, maybe he needs a workout partner.....

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