The Business of Football


Should anything be that important? So important that you turn your head away from child abuse - god, more than abuse..outright molestation was taking place in the Penn State locker rooms!

If you haven't heard (then come out from under your rock) the Penn State head football coach, Joe Paterno, and president, Graham B. Spanier, were fired last week for failing to notify law enforcement officials in 2002 that they had received a credible report that former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky raped a young boy in the locker room showers.  This coach, who has been revered for the past 46 years as Penn's football coach, was informed by Mike McCreary, an Assistant Coach, that he witnessed Sandusky engaging in sexual acts with a boy of 10. Paterno notified the University President. Since that report by McCreary, neither he, Paterno nor Spanier notified police.

Now, while none of the acts, or more precisely, "non-acts" of the three were technically illegal (none of the men are obligated by law to notify the police),  you would think a moral conscience would force the men to follow up on their initial notifications. Surely, McCreary and Paterno are guilty of a moral ineptness..and Spanier is guilty of complete disregard to society's moral compass.

Now if you think College Sports is just an activity for the student body, you'd be wrong. Often, the quality of a College's sports program is paramount, not only to the student, but to the University in drawing new students (read money), advertisement (read money), notoriety (read money) and revenue (read lots of money).

"But the cash flow creates a dependency on sports that makes it difficult for universities to put (it) in jeopardy. So when a scandalous or criminal allegation is raised, it may be morally right to conduct a public investigation or go to the police, but it's not in the best financial interests of the school.

Still don't think college sports is about money? Already the credit-rating agency Moody's is looking into downgrading Penn State on the assumption that it will lose sponsorship, donations and enrolment as a result of the scandal and the firing of Paterno. "

Sandusky is now accused of assaulting eight boys over 15 years, and he denies the charges. McCreary has been put on administrative leave, Spanier fired and "Joe Pa" Paterno also has been fired.  That firing brought hundreds of college students to his side to demonstrate against his "unfair termination". At that demonstration, Penn State students rioted, turned over news trucks and showed the same moral standards that mis-guided it's staff.

The University has since distanced themselves from those initial unruly reactions by having candle-light vigils and collecting money for victims of sexual abuse. But, one must wonder why the business of college football should be more important than a child's welfare and if what we're teaching the new generation is worthy of all that money we spend on so called "education".

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