A Little Foreign


I chatted with this guy online.  He was Latino. Hell, I don't have an issue with a guy if he's Latin, black, Indian or Asian. Sexually, however, I am not attracted to black men or Indian.  Asians, white guys and Latins are cool though.
This guy was very lean...5'8, 130..so, smaller of stature I guess.  I like smaller guys..thin is great too. So, we're chatting and things are clicking..lives alone..clean, safe, not into drugs..

Then he tells me he's uncut.  Damn! I'm thinking.  That's not something I really like..but..this guy's so nice...maybe I should expand my horizons..taste a little of something other than the ordinary, so to speak. So we continue and I say we should meet..he gives me his number...and I call.

He answers and says hello.  I ask what he does ..as in a job..and I couldn't understand what he said..but apparently he's off work today.

"What? You do what?" I ask.

"I'm a bjkkldjfghg" he says incomprehensibly.
"Uh, OK." I say.

Now, some guys love accents, and I can certainly understand where they come from.  I guess knowing someone is foreign is sexy, they're from another land..different culture.  But, when someone talks and I gotta say "huh?" every two minutes..that's not sexy to me. Even some people who supposedly were born here have a hard time speaking clearly. It's almost annoying.

Yes, I know, people are going to comment how I'm close minded, stubborn, unreceptive, they'll even say I'm a racist.  But, I'm really not.come from Latin descent, however distant. Many of my relatives are from outside the United States. I just find it frustrating when I can't understand someone when they speak...especially someone I'm trying to have sex with!

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