I responded to an ad on CL. Usually nothing comes of it, but this time, the guy responds that he's staying at a hotel nearby and is planning on hitting the hotel sauna later that day.  Maybe I wanna join him?  Surree.

I get to the hotel and head down to the gym area. There's no one at the front desk, so I grab a couple towels and head inside. The gym was pretty nice, lots of equipment, but the locker room was pretty basic.  A wall of lockers, a few sinks, some old time showers and a small sauna.  It's also completely empty.

I get undressed and head to the showers to rinse off before heading into the sauna. I walk in and it's basically a room the size of a large closet...long and narrow..with one bench going across the back. It's pretty dark and almost immediately see someone sitting on the bench who says that he was just about to leave, and he can turn up the heat, which he had lowered. I told him not to bother, as I was just getting used to the heat. He got up and left..too bad..he was youngish and thin...cute too.

After about 10 minutes of sitting there in the dark, I look up and notice there's a light that hasn't been turned on, so I open the door, flick the switch and...just like that...light.  A few minutes later, someone walks in, takes a shower and then opens the door. This was clearly the guy I had emailed and planned on meeting. Thin-ish..and cute...

He sits, closes his eyes and we sweat. A minute later, an older guy comes in..maybe in his late 40's..good build, handsome. Sits down. So here we are..the three of us all within arms distance in this little closet of a sweat box, obviously all there for the same reason...and nobody moves. We just sit.

I'm burning up, so I get out, cool off in the shower for a sec, then re-enter the steam room. Then the older guy gets out, also showers.  While he's out, I notice the other guy clearly rubbing himself beneath his towel and I follow suit.  Soon we're both showing our hard-ons, jerking off in the sauna.  Shower stops, and we both cover up.  As the door opens, I'm obviously covering my hard cock and the guy says "You guys playing?" to which we both chuckle. Once he sits though, we're all three jerking off.  Of course...a few minutes later..old faithful blows his load (that would be me -  I was really horny!).  I'm now dripping in sweat, and have a huge creamy load of cum all over my chest.  No longer able to handle the heat, I jump up, and leave the two of them to their own dirty work as I shower, clean up, dress and head back to work.

Lunch hours just aren't long enough.

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