Why You So Grumpy?


A week or so ago, I came across a blog. I have no idea how I found it. I remember reading it, initially, the days post that was in front of me. Eventually, I scrolled back in history and did what so many people have said they did with my blog: I started from the beginning.

I found his posts a cross between Straight Guy Taking's funny, witty and a bit crude and mine..sometimes insightful, poignant and revealing.  He's totally into sports, often posting pics of hot athletes, scores and the like. He also give his opinion on Smooth v. Hairy, and Self-Sucking dreams.

But, he also touches on his coming out story in his own, uniquely witty and self deprecating way:

While coming out to my Mother, I asked her if she knew and when she swore she didn't, I pushed further.
“C’mon Mom!, you had to have noticed and wondered why I haven't had a girlfriend in 2 or 3 years?" 
“I just figured no one could stand you” she replied.

He allows us into his many sexual experiences, like when he was sucking a straight guys cock:

"No one and I mean NO ONE has ever sucked me off like that before.  Ever..."  he says in amazement.
" C'mon son!  Told you I'mma pro! I reply

"...Now get the fuck up and peace out 'cuz the Yanks are only up by 2 and they need my full attention."

I'll allow you guys to judge, but yesterday's post was the most riveting thing I've read in a long time in a blog. While I don't agree totally with what he says I certainly understand why he says it. I didn't come from a blue collar, farmland town full of rednecks. But, it would be equally as hard for me to come out to those I love as well. I think the conflicts of coming out are equal, no matter where your from.

But his journey certainly is interesting..and fun to read. He also writes real well and it's entertaining. I emailed him when I found his blog and asked for a link exchange. I like to list blogs on my site that not only I think my readers will like, but that I look forward to reading. I also told him I don't usually do gratuitous advertisements of blog in a blog post...unless something requires my reader's attention.

It turns out this guy lives in my state, and we have a few things in common. He's masculine, a man's-man and into sports and he has a good sense of humor.  Seemed like a perfect match for me, no?

But, alas, he's an out gay guy and probably wouldn't be interested in a closeted bi, married man. He's also a top..and two screws aren't a match. I guess maybe I could look past those things...

Damn! He's a Yankee fan. No dice for me.
But, check him out..maybe he's your cup of tea.

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