Hump Day: Jin Xiankui


My workout/diet update:
Last week I kinda hit a funk.It was due mostly to coming down with a cold, so even though I still did cardio at the gym in the mornings, I blew off the weight lifting and also the night time cardio sessions. Anyway, end of the week, I was surprised to see my weight down to 192...after the weekend, was back to the 193/194 range - amazing how much it fluctuates!

Anyway, this week I'm feeling better and I've pushed the weights more and plan on resuming the cardio at night. As far as the comments I've received, and the recommendations..appreciate it all! Except, there are things that keep me from trying them..

1) eat smaller meals more often (6 times a day): when your single, living alone or something, it's a lot easier to eat 6 small meals a day. When you have a family, you cherish the times you can get home on time to eat with everyone together.
2) eliminate all cookies and chips:  I mentioned I eat 4 cookies and some chips with my lunch. I've eliminated all snaking otherwise for the most part. For me to eliminate those few cookies and chips would really make my family think I'm going too crazy with my diet - they already think I'm doing too much. I never eat ice cram or chips etc., when they're all eating while we watch TV. I'm with my orange and fruit. Also, it's the one little bit of pleasurable crap I can eat and I eat it at lunch.
3) fruit is a no-no: some have told me to stop eating fruit because of it's high sugar content. While this may be good advice, fruit also is a healthy alternative and full of stomach filling fiber.

Don't feel bad for me...I'm not some heavy guy trying to lose 50, 60 pounds because of my health. I am an in shape guy, better shape than anyone my age, who is compulsively obsessed with trying to get my body in better shape than ever.

Here's a guy that needs no help...

Tomorrow..continuation of Eyes Wide Open.

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