That's What I Want


I don't ask for, health, happiness, a hot guy, hot sex..ok, so maybe I do ask for a add this or these to the list:

I want this guy's pits:

I don't get into shaved pits, I think they're odd on a man. They make me do double takes at the gym or beach. Why would a guy shave his pits completely? That's part of a guy that makes him a guy..makes him appealing.  But, I do trim my pit hair..but, there is an art to doing so. You don't want it too short, and leaving the hair too long, well, why trim at all?  It's hard to maintain that perfect balance...

I want this guy's ass:

I do my exercises, and that includes my glutes, and lower back extensions. I've got a pretty nice ass, been complimented on it..but, it's got some hair, OK a lot of hair! and it just doesn't seem up to par with the guy above. Fuck my ass! (oops..take that back!)

I want this guy's chest and torso:

I do crunches..many of them. I do chest presses...damn..this guy's body is just..out there! Even his perfect nipples. Love 'em.. I got those flat, wide, nickle sized, dark nipples. Fuck my nipples! (there, that's better!)

I want this guy's eyes:

The guy above doesn't need much else beside amazing eyes. Sometimes a look can get you from across a room. It draws you in. My eyes? Hazel, but somehow, over the years maybe, they've become less white, more yellow, red, bubbly, ech...

I want this guy's hair:

Hair is a sign of a man's virility. If you have a lot of it, people look, appreciate it. If it flows, it looks amazing. It can be spiked, slicked, chopped and shaved. People run their fingers through great hair..and the best, if you've got great hair, it looks good even when you wake up in the morning..without any work.

I want this guy's eyebrows:

Just like pits, a guy's eyebrows are important. They frame the face. I've met guys who sculpt their brows so close that you can't just talk to them, it's almost mesmerizing..looking, staring at these pencil thin eyebrows. Annoying. This guy, obviously does some shaping of his eyebrows, but it's subtle, keeping the natural and manly shape. Mine? I get them trimmed at the barber, clean them up myself with a razor at home. I don't wax, poke, prick, string, thread, or otherwise change their shape.

Forget it! As hard as I work, absent expensive and painful plastic surgery, I'm never going to get any of those things..not the pits, ass, chest, eyes, hair or eyebrows.

Just combine all those things that I want..and give me the guy.

Then, I'll be happy.

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