Equal Opportunity


Well, I guess it's official.  Today, all same sex couples can legally get married in the State of New York.  But what is a victory for equal rights, and has been celebrated world-wide as an advancement of gay rights does bring some sense of added pressure to same-sex couples.

Imagine..you've got a boyfriend or girlfriend. You've been exclusive or somewhat exclusive for a while now. Yea, you both love each other, have a history..but marriage? Is that the step you want tot take now? Well, isn't that a discussion that you now will need to have? Is that pressure to be asked..what about us?

Things were great before...there was sex, hot sex, a companion, the relationship..but committing to a long-term relationship does have it's disadvantages. Yes, there is a boon for the economy for Florists, Event Planners, Caterers..but..there will also be a boon for divorce lawyers too.

What if you liked the insecurity that existed before? Maybe it allowed you to make a un-committed commitment?  There's nothing legally binding you two together...but, does he/she want that commitment? Will it ruin what we have?

Yes, same-sex couples now have the same rights as all New York citizens. Some lucky ones will take advantage and enjoy their god given right to live happily ever after.

Others will have the same rights that some of us have had for a long time..The right to be married..and miserable.

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