Getting the Poison Out


Well, yesterdays unsuccessful hook-up still left me horny, and like I tried to do the day before, I needed to blow a load.  I was going to be busy at work for the next few days, and I didn't need the distraction of needing to find someone to hook up with, so, again, back to the cam.

This one was pretty simple and successful. Logged on, undressed, got a few oohs and ahhs (which is always nice) and took some orders (tame ones) like showing my butt, putting my legs up on the desk, and moaning and breathing hard (which isn't an issue with me since, when I'm cumming I get pretty hot and heavy into it).

After a while, I'm being egged on by 16 or 20 or so watchers...and the crowd wanted the money shot. So, I get myself comfortable, and really pound my cock...until..yeeeess..fuccckkkk...

I finally get the poison out!

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