Man Groomer


Although for years I've buzzed my chest, and body hair, in the summer, I've always felt some sort of self-consciousness. I feel like someone's going to notice, say something...and it's just a conversation I'd rather not have.

I have a neighbor..he's kinda a nosy body. You know the type..always talking about other people, spreading stories..he knows what's happening in every house, or so he thinks. I have the tendency of washing my car or working outside in good weather with my shirt off. He often comes by to gossip. He said to me something stupid like "so trimming the chest hair, huh?"  It made me feel I needed to defend myself. This guy wouldn't be caught with his shirt off wherever he is.. and thank god - he's pretty out of shape.
I know lots of guys do it, it's far from uncommon. I see it all at the beach..but, it's still something someone looks at I suppose.  One of the guys I've known for many years, one of my good friends hangs with us at the beach. He's pretty hairy..I mean..lots of chest hair..on his arms..and some on his back. Don't get the wrong impression..he's no one I'd ever mess with sexually - I'm not interested.

Anyway, a few years ago, he said something to me about my grooming habits. I told him it just makes me feel better..I like to be cool in the heat of the summer (never mind that I buzz all year round).

Two weeks ago, this same hairy guy was sitting next to me. I noticed his upper arms were the area around his shoulders and stuff. I thought that was odd for him..who is not a metro-sexual at all. Anyway, this week, I notice his chest hair has been trimmed quite a bit. It really was very surprising.  I didn't feel the need to make any comment..hey..I don't like to be asked, so I figure why put him in an uncomfortable situation.

Maybe I'm setting my own little trend on the beach of DILFS (Dad's I'd Like To Fuck).

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