Selfless Promotion


OK. I'm gonna be like everyone else who blogs. I think my blog is one of the best non-professional blogs there is. I take pride in it. I don't really self-promote, asking people to vote for my blog, but others are stuffing the ballot box.

I know you guys are religiously visiting my blog, because I see nearly 4,000 hits daily. But, I get a lot of visitors from sites such as Best Male Blogs and PLU too.  In order to increase traffic, a higher rating means more traffic and visibility.

So, let's try and make my blog in the top 5! Everyone who visits here, please vote for me at the following two sites. (5 is best!)
(On PLU search for my blog. Should be in the first 3 pages!)



Best Male Blogs - naked men, gay porn, homo culture, queer blogs

PLU Gay Blogs

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