and the Agony of Defeat


I thought things were great with Kevin. I mean, he gave me the impression that we were cool. That he was into being together..wanted me to be there, wanted to do this regularly. When someone invites you over twice, basically asks you to stay as long as possible, has sex with totally into making out, kissing and cuddling..before during and after I wrong to think he's into you?

We chatted after I left that last time. He said he was into meeting again. Then, I didn't hear from him. I didn't think that was odd, as I figured it was the weekend and maybe he doesn't want the strings of texting someone like a boyfriend. Then Monday came, and I text answer.

Tuesday comes..and I text him again..asking if he's around today. No answer...

It's funny how people are so two-faced. It doesn't hurt my feelings if someone is up front and says either "I'm not into you" or "I'm looking strictly for sex" or "this is a one time thing".  Be honest, upfront...

But, if you lead someone on..then not only am I hurt, but disappointed too..

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