Feeling So Right


I headed to Kevin's house eagerly anticipating spending some more time with him. I got there, and he opened the door and gave me a kiss.  He leads me upstairs, and I grab his jean-ed butt on the way up. When we get to his room, we embrace in a nice, long kiss. We chatted how we both loved to cuddle..and this was going to be all about cuddling, right?

We laid down in his bed, and continued making out. He's a great kisser, and incredibly great to look at. He pulls off my shirt, and I pull his off too. Still kissing we're rubbing each others bodies, and slowly removing pants, underwear until we're both completely naked.

It was so nice just laying there. Him on top of me, next to me, his back turned to me and just cuddling. His body is amazing..smooth from head to toe except for his groomed pubic hair, light dusting of hair on his legs and some butt crack hair. His chest is nicely defined, his ass is a sight of beauty and his stomach is amazingly flat (I'm jealous). I've tried to search online to post some pictures of guys who may resemble him..but as of yet, I've only found the few that I've posted along with this, and the other blog entries I've written that may look like him body-wise (including the pic in this blog) but honestly, he is hotter. How did I get so lucky?

We make out, apparently Kevin loves kissing..as do I. He goes down on me and sucks my cock, and I return the favor, until he gets so excited, and stops me. We take breaks watching TV in between kissing, stroking, sucking..and cuddling.

He takes my cock, and places it on his ass..and he's moaning..telling me how good it feels....but this is about cuddling, I tell him and turn him so we can kiss again...and cuddle.  We're making out, and again, end up with cock on ass..until even I couldn't stand it anymore. I grab a condom some lube and put it on and lube up my cock. I place a lubed finger inside him slowly...and then pull him on top of me.

He slowly, gently maneuvers my cock into his ass. He's in pain at first...I can see it's uncomfortable for him..and we take it slow. I'm learning that with him on top is the best position for him to start. Eventually, I hug him and flip him on his back, legs at my shoulders and fuck him as he's moaning. Kevin is hot to look at and it feels great and really nice and comfortable being with him..and we're working up quite the sweat.

His eyes are closing..and he's working his cock pretty good now as I'm stroking my cock inside him..in and out..he's moaning..and moving faster and faster. I notice he's getting very close and he says he's about to cum..I continue fucking him..as he shoots gobs of cum all over his chest..and heaves a big breath of exhaustion.

I slowly pull out of his perfect ass. I take off my condom and lay on my back and pull him close. I stroke his cum covered stomach and grab some hot, thick cum and use it as lube for my awaiting cock. I jerk off until I explode in ecstasy and we wipe off and change bed positions to continue what I came there for...

some more cuddling.

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