Things were pretty quiet on the Kevin front. I had hoped we would get to chat..get to know each other a little. Was hoping he felt the same, but, Kevin was at school I was working and we never really had an extended time to chat.
Then, I was home, relaxing and watching some TV when I get a text message from him.

"Sorry about today, was busy" he says.
"Not a problem" I respond.
"Maybe we can hang this week?" he asks.
"Yea, what days work for you?"
"Tomorrow works" he says.
"Great" I say, "I'm looking forward to it."
"How long can you come for?" he asks.

It's then that I got the feeling that things maybe were mutual..that he felt a connection when we were together..I mean, if he wanted me to fuck him and run, he wouldn't be asking for how long I could stay, right? Seems like things were getting comfortable...

"Well, how long do you want me there for? I ask jokingly.
"As long as you can!" he says.
"Well, as long as you can occupy me, I can stay" I say.
"Oh, I'll find a way!" he says.
Then, comes the inevitable...the personal questions...and I don't shy from them, I know it's coming..eventually and I don't try and deceive anyone..I was definitely feeling good talking to Kevin.

"Can I ask a personal question? he asks. "Do you have kids?"
"Yea, I do. I hope that's not a problem with you." I tell him.
"Well, I do have an issue with you being married, but you're still sexy and really nice..so...I'll have to deal" he says.

I then told him about my relationship with Ross in the past (as far as length of time, and how I view how a relationship can work time-wise) and about my sexual past.

Now it's his turn for some personal questions:
"So who else are you sexual with?" I ask.
"Well, I was in a two year relationship until May of this year. Since then I've only had sex with one other guy. That guy and I dated for a month before we had sex...I actually don't know what came over me when we met the other day..I don't usually just have sex randomly."
"Well, I gave you the opportunity to not have sex" I said, recalling how when he asked me if I wanted to fuck I told him we can wait, since I was hoping I would see him again.

He liked that..he liked that I asked him questions while we were making out..it showed I was interested in him..and I am. The blocks are falling into place...

"Do you like to cuddle?" he asks.
"Absolutely! Love it..."
"Well, we'll have to do some of that tomorrow" he says.

I'm looking forward to it.


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