Boy Friday


I've been on Grindr a lot. I see some of the same guys from the other sites, but, it seems like it's more chat friendly maybe. So some of the guys that I haven't chatted or emailed on those sites have responded to my chats on Grindr.

The one guy that seems to be going somewhere is the guy I wrote about previously..someone I had been with before, and hopefully, we're going to hang soon. The few guys I've "starred" on Grindr, the "prospects" are:

1) Someone I've seen on another site, but never responded to my email. He lives very close to me, has his own place. He's 28 years old.5'9", 130. He sent me a few pics, and he's very lean..looks hot and we seem to be looking for the same thing. When I sent him my pic, I got a "Wow" that was cool. We're hoping to hang soon.

2) Another guy who I've been chatting with is a little older. He's 36 years old, looks like he has a great body. Lives not too far, he's 6'1", 184 lbs.  Anyway, we haven't chatted a whole lot, but I;m hopeful.

I've tried, on Grindr, to limit my chats to people who are older that my usual "target market." If I can find an older guy, say 27-35, then I think ultimately I'd be better off. But, the young, hot guys are very tempting...

I also think that in speaking to these guys, we're all available on different days...the guy I met once a while ago, only on Wednesday, and the others, on Thursday, or Mondays...

Maybe I can have a guy for every day? Sounds good in theory..but in practice, I know I get attached to one guy and would want to be with him whenever possible. So we'll see.

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