Daddy Dearest


As I've said before, I hate that moniker. I don't feel like anyone's Daddy in bed, and it's not something I enjoy hearing. It's like saying "Give it to me you old man" when your fucking someone. It doesn't turn me on.

I listed a Craigslist ad recently. As it turns out, the ads I posted previously didn't get a whole lot of responses. I'm always way to specific I guess. Exactly what I'm looking for, type of guy, body type, ethnicity, what I like to do in bed..I think it's all too much. CL seems to actually love those guys that put ads for massages, and fuck and go type ads. The legitimate ads looking for relationships or something more than a fuck, get ghosted or deleted.  I get maybe one or two responses and usually from the same guys that I've turned down before.  I've also been "ghosted" on CL with those ads. Don't know why.  Anyway, I digress...

So, I place a more general ad. Looking for someone to make out, JO, oral, maybe a fuck. Give some basic stats and a pic. I get a nice group of responses and some really nice pics.

So, one guy, lives close by, can host and looks nice and normal. We make a plan for me to come there. I drive up and he opens the door. It's no disappointment..he's cute, even with the more than scruffy beard he's been growing. Nice eyes, nice hair, cute smile.

We head to the den and sit down on the couch. He asks if I'm single (we didn't get into that in our prior emails) and I show him my ring and I get an "Oh", but no problem. He asks if I'm dominant and I don't really know how to answer that question...

"Well, I'm not dominant, I'm a top..but I'm not aggressive, and don't get into another guy pushing me around either. I'm sensual..into making out..but, like to fuck a hot bottom too." I try to explain.

"Hmm" he says. "Are you into role-play?"
God, what's with this guy? "Not really" I respond.
"Oh, cause I have Daddy issues" he says with a smile.

After a while, we're groping at each other. Then, our shirts and pants come off. I'm playing with his chest and he's enjoying it. I'm rubbing his nipples and he's groaning..whispering..."Like that.."

We take off our pants and we're both hard. He turns around and puts my cock in his ass crack and asks...

"Does Daddy want to fuck my ass?"
"Mhm." I say..unconvincingly.

He gets a condom and some lube. He lays down on his couch. I get on top and put my cock in his ass. He approves..

"Daddy, fuck me" he whispers.

We fuck until he says he's going to cum and he does so on his chest. I pull out and he jerks me off onto his chest too.

We clean up, and say our goodbyes.

Daddy's going home. Daddy ain't coming back either.

Daddy knows best.

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