In The Beginning


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I got to thinking, when was the first time I really knew I was interested in guys? I mean, although my first experience didn't occur till I was in college, I did have some man-on-man..well, boy-on-boy experience prior to that.  That was a long time ago.  I suppose everyone has had such an experience..I think..

I probably was about 6 years old. I had a best friend who was also about my age. We were neighbors and we hung out a lot: play dates I suppose. Back then, of course, there was no Playstation, XBox, or Wii. We played ball, hide and seek, swung on swings or played Cops and Robbers (yes we were allowed to have cap guns, and air rifles). We were always outside playing either in groups with older brothers and sisters or one on one.

I don't know how it happened, who instigated it, but, I remember ending up in a dark shed behind my neighbors house - and I wasn't alone. I was with him: my best friend. We ended up just pulling down our pants, and looking I guess. I don't remember any actual touching and definitely there was no oral. I suppose  we were just two curious boys showing our goods. But I was pretty excited about it.  Is that normal?

I also remember  being older, probably in junior high school. We had moved to a new neighborhood, new neighbors and again, a new buddy. I went to his house one day, and remember this guy taking his cock out and peeing on me! But, despite the fact that I was pissed about being pissed on, I saw his cock, and big red bush (he had red hair) and that turned me on.

There were a few other incidents as I grew up. Another friend who was smaller than me in height and we would dare each other to put hands down each others pants..dropping something - a toy or something - into my underwear and making him take it out. Then I know I was way excited and turned on by him reaching into my pants or me reaching into his.

I'm sure others have had such experiences. Maybe some went further, maybe not. I don't know if they were evidence of my future sexual desires or just the normal activities of boys growing up.


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