Kiss and Tell


I'm totally into making out. Love kissing a guy, feeling his lips, his tongue, that little scruff on his face. It can really be a turn on if I'm totally into the guy. Sometimes, just by kissing a guy I can tell if I will be compatible with someone.

I was on Manhunt, and some kid (think he was 19 or 20 years old) emails me. Now, I try and stay away from such young guys...but after all...I can only try so hard.

We end up chatting on AIM. He has a place, he sends me some pics, looks pretty hot. Then we get into the "what into's". He's a bottom (good), loves to suck (nice), jo (cool), and get fucked (excellent). All safe, clean and drug free (Perfect).

"Do you like to make out?" I ask.
"Nah" he responds.
"Nah?" I ask.
 "No...I don't kiss anyone I don't know." he says.
"You mean, you'll allow me to put my cock in your ass but I can't kiss you?" I laugh.
"Yea, well, you're wearing a condom. There are too many diseases to catch when your kissing someone."
"Well, that sucks. I'm totally into kissing and making out." I respond.
"Ugh!" he says.

...and with that he disappears.

I guess he won't get my cock in his ass or tongue in his mouth. His loss.

I don't really get it. When I first started my experiment with guys..all I wanted to do was kiss them . How can you want to be with guys - be attracted to them - and not want that?


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