On the Horns


I have a dilemma.

I received an email recently. It was very interesting..at first, I thought it was from someone out to kick my ass (as usual). Started with the usual vile comments about my deceitful life..then - bam! a shocker - which I won't divulge. Suffice it to say that the letter is written by someone who knows a reader of this blog.

I wrote back..we exchanged a few emails. He mentioned that he wouldn't mind if I posted the letter on my blog..and I am deciding whether to do so..but the writer..says he's a teenager..yet, writes as someone much older and much wiser. If true, it's written out of emotion and probably after much forethought - so that could explain the literary complexities.

But, what to do? Publish this letter and maybe out this other person who may recognize himself in the letter? Wouldn't it be unlikely that someone would actually read this blog and recognize a letter as written by someone he knows?

He no longer responds to my inquiries..I have no idea if this letter is authentic..

What to do?

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