When In France


Was listening to Howard Stern this morning and one of his guests that day was Perez Hilton the gossip/tabloid columnist known for posts about celebrities and photographs with his own opinionated and sometimes mean captions or "doodles." His blog Perez Hilton.com has garnered negative attention for its attitude and its "outings" of alleged closeted celebrities.

The gay Perez explained that he has ceased his outings and has eased up on his negative comments of those he writes about - showing a "kinder and gentler" Perez.  Once the badboy of Hollywood, he is now accepted and revered in Hollywood. Now 33, he says he's matured.

One of his more revealing comments to Stern was that he uses Grindr on his IPhone. Yes, that Android/IPhone app that has helped many a gay/bi man in their sexual pursuits.

"The good thing about Grindr is, while it is mainly about hooking up, it doesn't only have to be about hooking up" he explains.

While in New York, he was on Grindr and ended up meeting a person in a bar and subsequently took that 23 year old, model to be to his hotel room, where they engaged in oral. He tells the King of All Media Stern that the oral lasted for some time.

"Oral lasts longer than  two minutes!..I blew him, he blew me, we blew each other." he explained.

Paraphrasing the interview, Stern asks "Where did you guys blow your loads? Did you finish on his face?"
Perez laughs: "I came on his chest. He came on himself."

He later revealed that he has quite the sizable cock: 8.5 inches, so he says. 

Seems that Grindr works..for everyone, celebrities included. Maybe he's shooting for some kind of celebrity endorsement deal with Grindr.

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