Senior Moment


Is it possible that I'm coming down with the early stages of Alzheimer's disease? No, I'm not kidding. Sometimes I really think my brain has gone sour.

Sometimes, I'm talking to people..having a conversation. I need a name..the actor, the movie, the song writer, the Insurance Salesman...anyone and I just can't come up with it. It's out there..I started the sentence, and I'm standing there with mouth open..and nothing coming out, until the person I'm speaking with fills in the blank.

Other times, I'm trying to read the instructions on how to use my latest tech toy or some other manual. It's like reading a foreign language.  Sometimes, I feel my mind is just drifting when I talk to people and I'm thinking "You know, you're not paying attention to anything this person is saying. You're looking at the nachos over there on the table..(mmmm Nachos...)" I can never remember a name. name is Bob. Immediately, it's gone. Who is it that I just shook hands with? God...this is awful. I'm a proponent of the idea that everyone should have the "Hello my name is..." sticker on their shirt at all times.

The guy that helps me coach my son's team laughs at me as I yell out to the outfield:
"Frank! Move over" as I waive my hands for him to move for a leftie.
"That's not Frank" he says
"Bobby, move!
"Nope." again he laughs
"Daniel! Dammit! MOVE!
He laughs again.


Getting older is tough. There's the inevitable body breakdown. The knees hurt now.  I got this twinge in my hip. Playing ball two times a week, after working out at the gym everyday is a grind. Some days, I can barely walk up a set of stairs.

But, the mind is a rough thing to lose. What did I have for dinner last night? Who knows! You know people who can name every line from every movie they ever saw?  They're so annoying. Ha ha.. remember that scene in Seinfeld when.....

It isn't easy getting old. But, at this rate, I won't remember how hard it's gonna be.

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