Too Much Information?


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Apparently, Ross left last week and went out of town. He went to spend a few days with this new guy. They went mountain climbing...they had fun...a good time was had by all.  Great.

I am happy for him, I mean, since I've resigned myself to not being with him myself, shouldn't someone else be entitled? Isn't he entitled? Certainly...I do wish him all the happiness in the world..but, I can't help but feeling some uncomfortableness when he's telling me how much fun he's having with this guy.  But, I do appreciate that I'm one of the only people he can share this stuff with.

I asked if he got fucked by this guy..and he says no. I don't doubt it..Ross was never ready for a cock in his ass...and although we did it a few times, he never really became comfortable as a bottom.

I've resisted sharing my stories, guys I've met and hookups with Ross...for right now. But, if I ever need to make him feel bad..I have a few stories I can tell him.

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