The Progression


Was chatting with a buddy online..a new guy I've just been chatting hookup or anything.

He's young, in college. He asked what "I'm into". I told him I'm a top. He responded "I don't do anal sex."

I told him I understood, but was kinda explaining to him that there's a progression, as far as I have experienced..of sex...but more specifically, gay sex.

When your straight, all you think about is sex..not blow jobs, not titty work, but..when am I gonna stick my dick in a pussy and actually fuck. Yea, you want the BJ, you wanna feel some titty..but ultimately..the big prize is fucking.  I experienced that..the whole can't wait to fuck deal.

Then, when I started with guys..I was totally satisfied with mutual hand jobs. For a long time that's all I did. Eventually, it progressed to getting a blow job from a guy..but put one in my mouth? ecch! Fuck an ass? Nah, my cock's not going in there!

Soon, I had more long lasting relationships with guys. I started sucking these guys..but still, no cum in my mouth..that would be gross. Then, I fucked a few asses.  Then..the changer: Ross. With Ross, I wanted to suck him..wanted to fuck his hot ass.  There was nothing bad, dirty, gross about any of it. I wanted to taste his load, swallow it..make him feel good. I wanted to fuck his hairy hole..lick it..and plant my load deep inside while he squirmed.

It's all a progression. When your experiencing straight sex, you want it all..but with gay sex, you take baby steps. Not expecting to cross the next forbidden line...until eventually, you do.

I guess it's about not really admitting that you're into being with guys. That it's forbidden..wrong..gross..until you can't help yourself.

Then it becomes "Been there, done that."


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