Back in the Saddle?


Well, if yesterday's post proves anything, it's that you can't assume anything. You would think my readers were somewhat in the democrat camp..but, we saw a lot of Republican bias - and that's cool too. We can also learn that my readers know much more about politics than I'll stick to what I know best:

Jones made quick work of me. I saw him online and we chatted briefly and then he was inviting me over that same day. I head to his new apartment, and he opens the door. We chat on his couch for a little. He tells me about his "ex" who jilted him after a pretty hot and heavy beginning. He's "done with relationships for now" he says. Enter me!

He asks if I want to head to his bedroom, and I follow him in there. He takes off his shirt and shows me his new nipple ring. He's scruffy as usual, with a weeks worth of growth on his face and chest that has more hair than mine. But, he's slim, tight and a pretty darn cute Italian. We embrace and kiss.

We strip down pretty quickly and he takes my cock in his mouth. He sucks me hard and I'm rubbing his hairy chest and nipples. As he comes up for air, I push him back and go down on him and suck his cock and lick his smooth balls. Then, we're again lip to lip and making out pretty heavily.

He again sucks my cock and he's doing so with a vengeance. Usually, at least in the past, Jones and I always ended up fucking but this time, I see I'm not going to last very much longer and he doesn't seem to be quitting this blow job. I'm moaning, writhing with pleasure and I'm clearly letting him know I'm very close...then.."I'm gonna cum" and he continues his very professional job.  I'm then shooting loads into his mouth which disappears down his throat with my very loud approval.

He then nuzzles back into my chest, and ends up in the crook of my arm..licking my nipple and arm pit as he strokes his own very hard cock.  As he gets closer, he grunts softly that he is about to cum and a second later shoots his own gobs onto his leg without much fanfare.

"God" I tell him :You're so quiet compared to me!"
"Yea, that's me..has nothing to do with us. Don't be offended." he says.

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