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Off into the sunset...

I want to say that I've really enjoyed writing for BLM and that he's given me a ton of space (and editorial freedom) to do what I like. However, I'm about to start a job with really long hours and I'll no longer be able to be a contributing writer here. For some of the young people that read my column, a few words of parting advice:

1. Don't chase a relationship. A lot of you write to me asking about relationships, and I usually give the same answer: I'll let you know when I figure this out. I recently met someone really nice -- another reason why I have so little time presently -- but he just got out of a year and a half relationship. Sometimes these things work and sometimes these things falter. Remember that 99% of relationships or people that you chase won't work out, because there's one dude out there that you haven't met yet. Who knows where you'll be in a year from now.

2. Don't be afraid to date around. I think that this is different from being slutty. Recently I've been going on tons and tons of dates with lots of different people. Often, it'll just end up in drinks and a little kissing, but sometimes there's a special dude that you'll want to take home. Be easy and casual, but also don't be afraid to explain what you want. Sometimes that really awesome guy is just around the corner but you haven't even given him a chance yet.

3. Come out of the closet. This is probably one of my biggest, yet frank, compulsions for leaving. I strongly encourage young people to come out of the closet because we won't bite. Not all gay people are promiscuous, terrible monsters who are commitment-phobic and evil. They certainly exist, but there are also wonderful, nice people that want to get married and begin churning out kids by the dozen in strong, loving, monogamous relationships. In order to even get to this step you're going to have to come out. It will be shitty at first, and you will get inappropriately drunk at times. However, it's totally worthwhile. Just do it.

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