In and Out


I was headed home and logged onto Grindr when I was out of my usual neighborhood.  Almost immediately, I got chatted by someone nearby and things went pretty quickly from "hi" to "parking and on my way up."  As he had promised, the front door was open and I walked in. I took the long stairs up one flight and reached his apartment.  That door also, was unlocked.

I open the door and take a step in. "Creepy" I'm thinking. It's dark in there, but my eye was caught by the flickering candle to the  left and a step in that direction, and I could see him, completely naked, bent over on all fours, on the couch in the living room, as we had planned.

I undress as I say hi and as I walk around to the front of the couch, he turns to suck my flaccid cock. As I'm getting hard, I pull out of his mouth and head to his rear, where I place my cock on his ass. I grab the condom that he conveniently placed on the coffee table as he grabs his poppers.

As he sniffs, I unroll and slowly insert my cock into his warm, awaiting ass. Went in pretty easily, so I guess my suggestion that he be lubed and ready was taken seriously. He moans his approval as I withdraw and push back in again. I'm fucking him slowly, until I pick up the pace..and then skin is a-flapping. As I get closer to orgasm I withdraw completely, pull off my condom, and spray my man juice all over him as he turns and strokes himself off.

This was probably the quickest fuck and go that I've ever had.

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