Tittie Tuesday: Do You Know Any?


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So, I lived most of my life in California, specifically, the south bay area.  Maybe I was never in the right place, or what, I don't know, but I've never met any lesbians.... that I know of.  Obviously, I may know some who are in the closet, but I don't know any who are out.

Boys?  That's a whole other story.  They're everywhere.  In fact, I don't know why they stay in the closet, they are so common.  Several of my closest friends in high school were openly gay.  And yes, they did take some criticism, that's for sure.  But these days, boys can go with boys to the prom, and girls can go with girls.  I remember Frat Star saying that these days, it's kinda chic to be gay.  But I've never really noticed any girls......  that brings me to what I want to tell you today.

A couple of weeks ago, I was at a casino/resort, and no, damn it, I didn't win any money!  But I spent most of a day in the beautiful spa.  It was so fancy.  I'm a girl, so I totally dig that shit, ya know?  I love to be pampered!  I would pay someone to come to my house and massage my feet!  I love having my feet touched!  Whew!  That's a whole other post for another day!  So, I'm at this very nice spa, and it's all quiet and everything.  I've just had a facial, and I'm sitting in the jacuzzi tub, and I am so relaxed........hold on.....  my ears pick up some giggling.  Oh, the jacuzzi is right across from the sauna, and I did notice as I got into the tub that there were a couple of girls in there.  Wait.  It's quiet again.  Hmm.  Ok, whatevs.  Ok, now the giggling again.  Let me see if I can just angle myself a bit to see if I can see them.

Wow.  One girl is sitting in the lap of the other girl, and they are totally making out.  I mean, totally making out!  Aren't they worried someone will stumble upon them?  Are you allowed to do that in here?  So, you know what I did, right?  I mean, I had to!  I got out of the tub.  By the way, the rules in this place are that you can be totally naked if you want.  Suits are optional, except in the co-ed pool area that is on another floor.  So, I got out of the tub.  Aren't you dying to know if I'm naked?  lol  I have bikini bottoms on.  :D  I didn't bother with a top, cuz I have no problem with peeps seeing my tits - I have a fab pair of tits.

Anyway, I grab a towel, and head to the sauna.  I open the door, and they break apart very quickly.  I smile at them, and they smile at me.  This is a little awkward, cuz they know that I know what they were just up to. We're all just sitting there in odd silence, then the door opens again, and a middle aged woman comes in. She says Hi, and we all say Hi to her, and she sits down.  The "couple" decide to go, so they leave.  I wait a few minutes, then I leave too.

I mean, who wants to sit in the sauna with some middle aged crone?  Sorry, she looked nice - I'm sure she was nice..........

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