Tittie Tuesday: Sex on the Brain? It's All Good!


So, hey.  Get your grande nonfat chai, and meet me over at that corner table.  Shit, you think to yourself. She's a chick.  Well, yea, I'm a chick.  Don't get all twitterpated, thinking that you can only relate to guys, cuz really there are a lot of cool chicks out in the big wide world.  Besides, isn't it ok to talk to peeps sometimes without thinking about getting it on with them?  I don't know.  You tell me.

Sometimes I think that even if we are married or in a relationship or not, it doesn't matter.  We are consciously or subconsciously always looking.  I heard a while ago some ridiculous statistic that said men think about sex a gazillion times during the day, and women don't. Really?  It made me wonder how many women they asked.  They sure didn't ask me.  I think about sex a lot.  I'm married, but it doesn't matter.  I still think about sex a lot.  And I don't see a problem with that.  And I mean that I think about sex with lots of guys other than my husband a lot.  I think that is normal.  There are hot guys everywhere, and I mean everywhere.  What am I supposed to do, walk around with blinders on?

I am surrounded by hot guys at the gym.  Well, ok, I am at a gym, so maybe the percentage would be higher than say, the grocery store.  Then, there is the guy at the Starbucks bar with the sexiest lips known to mankind, and when he asks if I want anything else, do I tell him that I want to bite his lower lip, and then dive into his mouth with my tongue?  Sigh, I guess not.  But anyway, I think you get the picture that I think about sex a lot.  I am a very sexual person.  And I have discovered that I am not the only girl out there who feels this way!

I will tell you a little story.  My best friend, Amy, has been my best friend for about 15 years.  She is single, by the way.  And as best friends, you can assume we talk about everything with each other.  Well, I think the only thing we don't talk about is my sex life with my husband.  But everything else is on the table.

Now, about 5 years into our friendship, we discovered that we both love reading erotic romance.  Ok, it's really porn, but I was trying to make it sound more sophisticated, but what the hell, it's porn.  And trust me, the author needs to be specific about sex.  None of this They kissed passionately, then the next day, blah, blah, blah.  I want the dirty details, or why bother reading it?  So, anyway, we had a whole new topic to discuss in our relationship.  We exchanged porn novels on a pretty regular basis.  And tell me there is really good sex in it, cuz otherwise, I don't want to waste my time!  So, our relationship expanded into talking about sex, positions, what we would and wouldn't do, etc.... Then one day, she picks me up, and we are driving in an unfamiliar part of town.  "Where are we going?", I say.  "Somewhere special", she says.  Ok, I'm up for anything.

We pull into the parking lot of a store called Cupid's Corner.  "We're going shopping.... for vibrators!" Wow.  I've always wanted one, but I've been too embarrassed to buy one.  So, we walk in, and I have to say, it was just like a regular store, in that it didn't make me feel weird or anything.  There weren't any creep peeps lurking around.  The girl behind the counter was really nice, and showed us lots of styles and sizes, how they worked, and gave us a clinic on what we needed to know.  Cool.  So, I got home with my very first vibrator.  She looks a little bit like a dick, but she's hot pink, and plastic, and she has little soft plastic bristles on one side of the end.  So, I named her Pinky.  Pinky is a she cuz she's hot pink.  Duh.  Pinky has become my best friend in the whole world.  I was smart and went out and bought a shitload of batteries, too.  I'm not stupid!

Whenever I'm home alone, I get Pinky out for a quickie, or a nice long session, depending on how much time I have.  Amy and I have talked about the kind we bought.  I think mine is better than hers.

So, I think what I'm saying is that having sex on the brain is a normal thing, girl or guy.  Or maybe I'm just trying to justify my own behavior!  Either way, it's all good!  Are there girls and guys out there, thinking about sex a lot?  Yes, there are.  You knew about the guys.  Now you know about the girls.

I'm out there.  I'm that girl.

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