Dirty Bit


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I decided to hang at the sauna today, and it was packed. It was almost too packed! There was very little area to just relax unbothered, as usual. Usually, I can relax in a jacuzzi or steam room alone, or maybe one or with two other guys. On this day, the sauna was standing room only!

Anyway, it wasn't without some benefits. There were a few very hot guys there, one young man was incredibly lean, and very cute, with Auburn hair. Another guy also had a great thin body and shaved clean...everywhere!

There was another guy, who looked Latin and had a great body and ass. As I made my rounds, apparently, he also noticed me and soon, we were tagging each other around the wet area..from sauna, to jacuzzi. Eventually, I headed to the bathroom and saw him in a stall, where he opened the door a crack to show his naked body and nodding me to come hither ;).  I walk in and close the door behind me.

As soon as I walked in, I was repulsed by the nasty smell in that stall, probably from someone doing their "duty" before we occupied the area. But, soon, we were stroking each others cocks and I was feeling his ass. When the bathroom became busy, we ended up leaving to return to the sauna.
Again, we made our rounds, only to return to the bathroom a short time later. Again, the stall door remained ajar as I entered and closed it behind me. We rubbed our naked bodies together as quietly as we could, and again, the smell permeated the air. He had a pretty big uncut cock that was getting harder and he continued to stroke my increasingly growing cock. He turned and ground his ass into my erect cock and then grabbed it and placed it in his crack, me being careful not to enter him (I wasn't going to fuck some stranger, especially without a condom on).

He continued to grind his ass, and play with his hole with my cock..and it was tempting...but, between the noise of other people in the bathroom and the continued stench, I refused to go any further. Soon he turned, and feeling my uncomfortableness, he decided to leave. I looked down and saw ..crap on my cock - literally! I took a towel and wiped myself clean, and then washed myself with soap and water.

I know I didn't enter this guy...but, he wasn't clean inside or out.

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