Doggy Dash


I think I've seen this guy before on Grindr. We never hooked up because I guess neither of us had a place previously. On this morning, it seemed like he was waiting on soon as I logged on, I got a message from him.

"Have a place today." he said.
"Yea? How come?"
"Everyone's out. Gotta meet by 1pm." he said.
"Well, I'm just getting to work. Have some stuff to do before...but yea, I'm interested." I responded.

Then we traded some pics. He's 36. His body was tan, built, showed me one pic of his nice ass in a jock strap. Very enticing...

"Bottom. Love to please.." he said when asked what he was into.
"Well, I love to be please." I responded.
"How about a face pic?" I ask.
"Don't have any." He says.

Now that's always a bad sign. Guys who don't have face this day and age of cell phone cameras, usually means he's butt-ugly. I mean, even a blurry, partial pic is better than none at all. Anyway, I trust his body pics, and we decide to meet without exchanging face pics.

I drive to the address he gave me which turned out to be a rendezvous office building near his house. He pulls up in his car, cut off shirt, tan arms..and I can tell the guy is pretty buff body-wise. But, he's losing his hair (aren't we all) and has that weathered look (don't we all). But, he had a nice smile and a horny guy can look past those minor imperfections.

He tells me to follow him and we go about two blocks to his house. We walk in and he points me downstairs as the gated barking dog yelps at the "stranger" entering the house. We make some very small talk and he's already pulling at his crotch and quickly we're undressing. Within 5 minutes, he's on his knees, with my hard cock in his mouth. This guy can suck!

We're stripping down, and we both keep on our matching wife-beater shirts and he's got a nice cut cock, pubic hair buzzed real short. He's tan..artificially so, and his ass is also After a few more times that he goes down on me I tell him  want to fuck his hot ass and he jets upstairs and returns with a condom and a small package of lube. He bends over his couch doggy-style (more like I push him down on it) and I put the condom on my cock and he readies his smooth hole. I push my cock in and he yelps in pleasure (now I know where the dog gets it from). After a second or two of me just waiting until he opens his eyes again, he tells me he wants to lay on his back, but I grab his ass and withdraw my cock and reenter him.

"Oh, god! That feels so good!" he exclaims.
I continue to withdraw my cock to the tip and reenter slowly and with each plummet he yelps with approval. Soon, the renty isn't so slow..and his noises start to coincide with my strokes..faster and faster..both of us quickly getting to the point of no return.
"I'm gonna cum dude" he says.

I withdraw completely, and take off the condom throwing it on the floor and stroke my cock as it empties on his back and ass. Simultaneously, he's jerking off into his hand.

We grab a towel and wipe off and sit on the couch as we slowly get dressed. He tells me he too is married with kids. He's also closeted...and has been dealing with the trials and tribulations of being attracted to guys. He tells me he's looking for a regular buddy, like I am..but that his place is infrequently available.

I leave and he gives me a bone crushing handshake...tells me to be in touch. A little more hair, a few less years traveled..and a regular place...and maybe I would. But, I think this is a one dog night.

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