My Anniversary


So, another year goes by...and it's again, my blog anniversary.

It's a love hate relationship we've got going here. Some of you love me, some of you hate me..and I have to say..the feeling is quite mutual.

It's the first year that I have to say: I haven't always been totally happy with this blogging thing.  The flack I get and the nasty comments are just taking it's toll. Some days I'm on the brink of packing it in..and then, I reconsider.

What keeps me here? Well the "politically correct" answer would be "my readers" and that's the answer I've given in the past...and it was true in the past.

But this year, it's all about me...What keeps me here is the ability to put my thoughts down and get them out of my head. For the most part, it's my form of therapy.

I do appreciate you guys tho..well, you know which one's of you I appreciate.  I really think that having Titty Tuesday is a bright and new idea to this blog..and I'm hoping that will continue. I would like to ad to this blog by having a new "Boy Friday" - takes additional pressure off me and give us another voice to hear.

And..if I could celebrate in any would be in that bathtub with that cute guy (Pick one!).

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