Tittie Tuesday: Gym Eye Candy


So, yea, I go to the gym every day.  I like to work out, and I like to eat things that are bad for me.  So, if I work out a lot, I can have some of those naughty but yummy things.  Thus, all the gym time.  But I tell you, it's worth it in more ways than one.
I was going to this particular gym, and it wasn't wall to wall hotties, but they were there.  I would see at lest 3-4 guys each day that really appealed to me.  Well, I would get on the ellyptical machine, and spend 45 minutes sweating and scanning.  I mean I was looking at everyone working out.  I always wear a baseball hat to keep my hair out of my face, and this lets me check peeps out under the brim, know what I mean?  Ok, so I decide that I want a trainer to work out with, but I need to scope them really well.  I mean I want a really hot trainer.  If I'm going to pay someone to work out with me, he'd better be really fine.  
So, I scope them out, and find the hottest trainer in the place.  Yep.  I want him.  He's 6'5", 220, brown hair, eyes, chiseled features, basically a living god.  Yea, I want him.  So, I see him working out one day, on his own, and I approach.
me - Hi
him - HI!
me - I'm looking for a trainer.
him - yea?  I'm a trainer - look no further!
me - ok!
him - I'm off right now, but leave me your name & # at the desk, and I will call you to set up a session.
me - sounds good.  :D

Wow.  He's hot, and sweet!  Not arrogant at all.  This will be fun!
So, he calls me and we set up a time for me to come in.  He asks the basic health questions - do you have any physical problems?  Pain anywhere?  Injuries?  That sort of stuff. No, I'm pain free!  So, we go through all the basics of all the machines, and he asks me are there any areas of my body that I specifically want to work, and I say, my ass is a little jiggly.  He looks behind me as if to check, and says "Looks good to me!" 
All this time, as he's showing me hot to operate the machines, which I already know, but shhh!  :D, I'm thinking is there somewhere we can go to have a quickie?  Cuz all this touching of my body parts, even though it's innocent, is making me hot!!!  
So, at my next session, I had an idea............

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