Tittie Tuesday: Spinster


Eventually, you will know more about me, but I'll tell you one thing, I love to spin.  I am talking about the spinning cycles at the gym.  In fact, I used to spin 9 times a week, but I moved, and the gym I go to now allows me to only spin 5 times a week, as they have fewer classes.  I miss those extra sessions, but it has actually been a good thing, cuz it has forced me to cross train and do other things.
So, I don't know the name of the instructor on Tuesdays/Wednesdays, but given her appearance, and her choices of music, I call her hippy girl.  The interesting thing about hippy girl is that she spins naturally - in other words, she doesn't wear a bra.

You know the reason I know this, right?  They are swinging free, underneath her top, which is super low cut, with thin spaghetti straps. And she is blessed with more than her share, if you get my meaning.  Let's just say, shall we, that her class is very popular with the guys.  If you are a spinner, then you know that many times during your class, you will stand up and ride.  You're slightly bent at the waist, and  since the bike doesn't move, your body will move back and forth, kind of in a side to side motion.  Let's put it this way - you're moving around.  So, we're doing this, and, as usual, all eyes are focused on hippy girl, cuz her tits are dancing a jig, almost fully exposed.  The only thing holding them back is the fact that her nipples (very erect from all the stimulation) are kind of caught behind the seam on the edge of her top.  
Well, the other day, one of her tits decided to escape the confines, and claim freedom!  Her tit just bounced right out!  She did react quickly, I'll give her that.  She flopped it back in, and said, "Woops! 
Did anyone see that?"  Um, well, yea, lady.  Like, the whole fucking class saw it!  So, after class, she walks up to the guy who was directly in front of her bike, and tells him she is sorry about that.  I hear him kinda chuckle, and say "Hey - no problem!"

 The interesting thing to me is that she hasn't changed her outfit.  You'd think she'd start wearing a bra, or a top that would hold her in better, right?  Nope.
So, ever since then, the class is crammed with guys.  Obviously, word got out, and they are anxiously awaiting another wardrobe malfunction!

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