It's Joey!


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Every morning at the gym I see the same people pretty much. You get used to the crowd. There's an unspoken bond..really..unspoken.

I don't really know most of their names. The female school teacher who is obsessed with her morning elliptical run, the gay guy who is there every morning (no not me) who reads his Kindle while he does his cardio. The big muscled black man who wears his shorts way too short and his white socks way too high. The out of shape smoker who's belly creeps out of his shirt as he does his lifts and the skinny old man who leaves his sweat slobber on the ab crunch machine every morning. These are the people in my neighborhood.  I don't mutter much of anything to these people..other than a nod of the head, or a "g'morning". We're all there to get our workout in, and get out and start our day of work.

There is one guy in particular that I also see every morning. He must get there very early because I see him  when he's about done with his lifting and he finishes up with running. Early on, I used to see him with a very fine blond girl too. She used to work out and then they would meet to do their cardio and leave together. They were obviously a couple and probably still are. He is clearly straight..and quite obviously the hottest guy at my gym.

A few times I saw him in the locker room and may have written about him before. He often returns to the locker room after his run, only to remove his sweaty clothes and put on dry clothes to go home and shower. I've caught him literally, with his pants down and have seen that muscled, smooth hot ass of his. I've seen him peel off his Under Armour and witnessed his chiseled smooth chest and pecs. I've often fantasized that one day, he'd make his way into the stall next to mine and drop down to his knees to show me his cock which I'd suck on under the adjoining stall wall. Fantasised...never happened..never will.

I also always thought he looked like someone..and couldn't quite place the face.  It someone I knew? Someone I met? His dark flowing hair, Italian good it someone famous? Finally, I figure it out...It's Joey! You know, that  promiscuous and dim-witted, under-educated struggling actor and character on the sitcom Friends portrayed by Matt LeBlanc. He's a dead ringer!

One day the gym wasn't open on time. All the morning gym rats all standing in the parking lot waiting for it to be opened. I pull up in my car, and head to the front door and I see the usual people..the people who don't make real conversation...and there is the same dark parking lot waiting for the door to be opened. I turn to him and say something.. like "hi - this sucks!". response. I'm shocked for a brief second except I notice he has his ipod headphones in and obviously didn't hear what I was saying.

I keep walking and briefly talk with someone else and the door opens.

I also figured out my problem..should have opened my conversation with Joey in proper fashion:

"How you doin?"


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