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As many of you know, Grindr has this "buddy list" feature that allows you to "star" someone that you're interested in. While the other person doesn't know that you've starred them, you can easily see if they are on line and they appear on the top of those people online.  So, figured I'd let you know who is on my "Star List":

1) Young dude: this kid is 18 years old white guy. He's 5'9", 112 lbs. He hit me up a while ago, saying I was hot. We chatted for a while, and he offered me a blog job in my car. I told him that I don't do car scenes. He suggested we get a room somewhere one day, and hopefully, that may work out.

2) Chill dude: This 25 year old white guy is 6'4", 190 lbs. Again, he was the first to contact me, and can host on "the rare occasion".  His pics are really very nice - he seems pretty hot. Also has offered me a bj in a car and again I said no. Hopefully this guy contacts me to meet up at his place soon.

3) Hot guy:  I wrote about this guy once. He's white, tall, in shape guy. 6'2", 160. We hooked up pretty quickly a few months ago.  He lives with his partner and was incredibly hot..looked like a model. Was hoping he'd be a regular, but so far, he hasn't been available again. Still holding my breath!

4) Slim guy: This guy hit me up one day when I was in his neighborhood. He lives pretty far, but I am in his town on occasion. He's white, 5'11", 165 lbs and has some nice pics. Maybe one day...I can only hope. But the distance makes it hard to coordinate things.

5) Travel guy: This sweet guy also was a quick hookup one day. He's white, 26 years old, 6'2" and and 195. I hung out at his place one afternoon, and we fucked. Was very hot..and again, hoping to meet up again. He has been traveling for the last 4 months and I noticed he just reappeared in town.

6) Asian guy: This gym trainer is 41 years old, and he's got a great body from his pics. He's very interested in meeting but we're trying to work on a day/time that works for both of us. He's probably the guy that will be my entry (blog and anal) as he seems to be the most likely to be into hanging out.

Guys come and go on the "Star List" as their and my interest piques and wanes.

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