Taking Chances


Yes, I've heard it all. Hooking up with young guys is bad. I should find someone more mature..more my age. There's the whole getting worked up to meet, the excitement of the courtship, finally meeting and yes..the first kiss.

Then it proceeds to petting, necking, making out, and ultimately..if all goes right..and the stars align and the moon is in the seventh house...the hot, steamy, passionate sex.

I know sex with young guys is very risky. These days, people are sick and don't even know it. There of course is the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, but, more importantly, in the throws of passion - the silent killers: high blood pressure, heart disease and the like can kill someone out of the blue.

You never know..in the middle of some hot sex..things happen..blood pressure rises, blood pumps, heart races, juices get flowing - the inevitable happens.

All I know is with these hot young guys..I can't resist them.

And..it's the chance I take: if they die, they die. ;)

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