Tittie Tuesday: Moving On


Well, kinda out of the blue, we decided to put our house on the market, and move permanently to our condo in another state.  I know, a big step for a flash decision, but we can be like that.  So, we sold the house pretty quickly.  I told my trainer that I wasn't booking any more sessions, as I was moving, and didn't know how much longer I would be around.  He did not take it well.  He was very short and pouty with me.  He just said, "That's fine."  And that was it. 

I was kinda sad abut it.  It sort of felt like we had broken up, and I guess we had, in a way.  During this time, a new employee showed up at the front desk of the gym.  Well, as if my trainer thought he cornered the market on hotness, he needed to move the hell over, cuz this boy was fire!  Can you say 6'3", 210, blonde, blue eyes, and adorable?  Oh, and just 22!  Gotta love that.  And since he worked at the front desk, I saw him all the time.  I started coming early to spin class, so I could loiter around the front desk and chat.  He said it was fine, no one cared.  So, one day, he bought a new truck.  "It's not here, but I have a picture of it on my phone - give me your number, and I'll send it to you."  Um, ok.  So, of course, we started texting back and forth quite frequently.  Just about silly things.  Silly, flirty things.  When he started flirting back, I was in heaven.  He is just so adorable.  Then I broke the news when the house sold.  "Total bummer", he said.  "But we can still text and chat, right?"  "Absolutely!", I said.

Then came the day when it was my last day to work out.  I was moving the next day.  So, I timed the end of my work out for when I knew he was getting off work.  We walked out together, and we stood next to his pretty black truck.  "I guess this is it - you move tomorrow."  "Yea."  So, he says, "Well, in that case, can I kiss you goodbye?"  "Sure", I say, and before I know it, we are totally making out behind his truck!  It was amazing.  So amazing.  And it was good that it happened so fast, cuz it didn't give me a chance to get nervous.  We said, goodbye, and I was kinda sad to not see his smiling face, and killer body anymore. 

He texts me all the time now, asking how the new gym is, do I have a new trainer, stuff like that.  He says he misses me, but he has no idea how much I miss him.  I haven't gotten a new trainer at this gym yet.  Of the ones I've seen, they are just average looking.  I want a hot trainer.  I'll keep looking.

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