A Short Story


The guy posted an ad on Craig's List:

"Bottom seeking hot masculine tops"
30 years old and I'm 5'5, weigh 145, with light brown hair and blue eyes. I'm a total bottom looking for a top. Love to suck, love to bottom. ddf, neg, non-smoker. You be the same. I'm hosting.

He had about 3 pics posted on his ad, and all met my approval. I email him and we exchange face pics. He's a guy I've emailed before, why we haven't met, I'm not exactly sure. But, again, the time ran out that day, so we plan on meeting another day.

The next day I get an email in the morning asking if I was around, and after confirming, he sends his address and I'm on my way. About 20 minutes later, I pull up to his house and ring his bell.  He opens the door and we say hi. He's cute..short..shorter than I expected. After standing in his kitchen for a minute he asks if I want to head into the bedroom where we get more comfortable.

We embrace and kiss and  I notice he comes up to about my chin. We take off our shirts and he lays on top of me. He's toned..could use to lose maybe 3-5 pounds, but who doesn't?, with some hair on his chest. We continue kissing and he pulls off my pants, and then takes his off too. He compliments the thickness of my now engorged cock and takes it in his mouth.

I lay back on the bed as he continues to suck me and I rub his body and stroke his cock. I guess he doesn't lie - he does enjoy sucking - as the few times I pull him up to kiss some more he soon returns to sucking my cock. Eventually, he sees me getting worked up and asks if I want to fuck him. "Absolutely" I say.

He grabs a condom and lube and sits on top of me as he guides my cock into his ass, facing me as I'm laying on the bed with my head on the pillows. After a few minutes he pulls me on top of him and we change positions, now him on bottom and me on top, on the opposite end of the bed. I look up briefly and notice his clothes..in his closet..very neat, organized. Each T shirt on a hanger..all in a row. But, this guys so short that they look like children's clothes. I'm fucking a Garanimal wearer.

I pull off him and maneuver my way to have him laying down (away from facing the closet) and we fuck doggy style. On each pump of my cock he gives me a little "mmph!". I'm looking at his lightly hairied ass and it's pretty hot.

"You gonna cum?" he asks.
"Yea!" I tell him.
"Give it to me!" he asks.

I pull out and blow my huge load onto his upper back, then a jolt on his lower back and all over his ass. I grab a towel and clean him up and collapse in exhaustion on his bed.

"That was great." he says. "Want to do this again?"
"Sure..now?" I ask wantingly (but jokingly).
"No" he laughs. "Let's do this again someday."

I wash up and get dressed as does he.

Who knows..was a good fuck. I can see me doing it again, but a regular thing? A fuck buddy? A relationship? I think we'll just keep it simple: like child's play.

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