Easy Street


It was time.

Ross had been on my mind for a while now. Ever since  we last chatted..probably a month ago. I hadn't seen him, talked to him, chatted..nothing in what seemed like a long time.

I picked up my cell phone and called a friend. After that conversation, I saw Ross' picture on my phone "friend list speed dials". Dammit! Why  should I even have to think about it.  I dial.

"Hey!" he says, knowing it's me.
"How the fuck are you?" I say.
Ross breaks out laughing. Damn...it's like we spoke yesterday, or a minute ago. Nothing ever changes between us.
"I'm good" he says, "you?"

We chat..again, about nothing in particular..work, family, vacations. Usual shit..but, it's so easy..so natural.

We end the conversation a few minutes later.

"I still want to do dinner" he says.
"Well, me too. Just let me know."

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