New Job


So, the guy I met with was planning on going out of town for a few days to visit some family. It was kind of disappointing for both of us since we got along real well, and we also were both pretty horny.

That night, after we met, I text him and tell him I'm looking forward to hanging with him.

"How about tomorrow morning before I leave?" he asks.
"Sounds good." I tell him and he gives me his address.

That morning, I head to his house. He opens the door and gives me the "shhhh" sign, as he puts his finger to his lips. We hit his bedroom and he whispers his roommate is still sleeping that we have to be quiet.

We quickly undress down to our underwear and hop into his still unmade bed. He's got a great smooth, slim body..and a bar in one nipple. We kiss, touch and let our hands roam. I reach beneath his underwear and feel his hot, little ass.  We get totally naked and continue making out. He sucks my cock and I'm now pretty hard. While I could probably push the subject, I think I'd rather just jerk off with this guy, get sucked off rather than fuck..I donno..probably know..first..if I AM going to hit this again, it's best to work up to those things. Second, if I'm not..I don't need to be fucking strange ass all the time.

I pull him next to me and continue kissing him and we grab each others cocks. We're both real close and soon, we're spurting cum all over - all the while trying to stay quiet.

Was hot..don't know if we're a great match..but, for hot sex I wouldn't mind a repeat.

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